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The term biotics refers to the ability for some lifeforms to create mass effect fields using Element Zero nodules embedded in body tissues. These powers are accessed and augmented by using bio-amps. Biotic individuals can knock enemies over from a distance, lift them into the air, generate gravitational vortices to tear obstacles or enemies apart, or create protective barriers.

All asari are naturally biotic from birth, though not all choose to develop their abilities. Biotics of other species are individuals who were exposed to dust-form element zero, or “eezo”, in utero and subsequently developed eezo nodules throughout their bodies. These nodules can generate mass effect fields when energized by electrical impulses from the nervous system. Eezo exposure is by no means guaranteed to result in biotic ability. On the contrary, most fetuses that are exposed are not affected at all. Others will develop brain tumors or other horrific physical complications. In humans, only about one in ten eezo-exposed infants will develop biotic talents strong and stable enough to merit training, and these abilities are not always permanent. In extremely rare cases, humans who were exposed in utero but did not manifest biotic talents as children can develop them during young adulthood through additional exposure.

Once a person has been identified as having biotic ability, they may be outfitted with a surgically implanted amplifier, usually installed around the time of puberty, in order to make their talents strong enough to be useful. Some races have experimented with biotic drugs to stimulate power instead, such as Red Sand. They must then develop conscious control over their nervous system, which is a long, slow, difficult ordeal (except for the asari, who possess a degree of control naturally). Biofeedback therapy is commonly used to aid in this process. Once trained, a biotic can generate and control dark energy to move objects, generate protective barriers, or restrain enemies. Biotic abilities are activated using a technique called “physical mnemonics”, in which the biotic uses a physical gesture to cause neurons to fire in a certain sequence, sending an electrical charge through their eezo nodules and creating the desired effect. A biotic may enhance certain aspects of his or her biotic abilities by installing implant upgrades called bio-amps.

BIOTICS (-1 Refresh)

All biotics can use the following trappings without adding Stress to their Biotic Stress Track. For additional utility and ability Power Stunts must be purchased with refresh from the list below.


  • Lift
    The use of mass-lowering fields to lift light inanimate objects up to one zone away. This doesn’t include fine manipulations such as picking a lock or writing nor does it include lifting another being. The character can manipulate small hand held objects remotely. The shifts generated with a Biotics skill roll determine the number of exchanges the character can manipulate the object.
  • Biotic Punch
    By enhancing their punches with Power a Biotic can slam a target with great force. This allows them to use their Biotics Skill to make an unarmed attack.


Biotics provides a character with a new BIOTIC STRESS TRACK. By default, this starts out with 3 boxes. This is increased by their Biotics Skill as seen in the table:

Average-Fair +1
Good-Great +2
Superb-Fantastic +3

Each use of a Biotic Power causes a point of Stress to the Biotics Stress Track. Consequences can be taken as usual for a stress track. Additionally, Stress from Biotic attacks can be taken on the Biotics Stress Track instead of the Physical track if the Biotic chooses. However, the damage can not be split between the two tracks. All stress from a single attack must go to one track or the other. This is represented as the target’s bioamp sustaining damage and Consequences on this track can prevent a biotic from having access to his abilities.


If an target is being effected by a persistent Biotic Power (Pull, Reave, Singularity or Warp) and are struck with another but different Biotic attack (Biotic Charge, Reave, Shockwave, Throw or Warp) then a Biotic Explosion is triggered. This explosion immediately ends all persistent effects on the target from the initial biotic power as well as the new one but does Weapon 2 stress to all characters in the same zone as the target.

Note that at their base level most powers will not allow a character to activate their own biotic explosions because all persistent effects end at the beginning of the biotic’s turn. However, a biotic can push themselves and in a pinch trigger an explosion for a FATE point.