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Barrier Reinforces armor with a powerful biotic field. The Field can be Detonated to damage nearby targets. It reduces all forms of damage taken as normal armor but slows power use. Tech Armor is completely incompatible with Biotic Barriers and the two cannot be combined. When added to Kinectic Shields the Barrier pool is drained first with the Shields following.


The Barrier provides a pool of points to a character’s kinetic shield pool equal to 1/2 of the Biotic Skill rounded up. This costs a point of Biotic Stress at activation. Barriers act in concert with a character’s shields and doesn’t require a Skill Roll to activate. The Barrier follows all normal rules for recharging as shields and will remain active until the character detonates or drops it.

If a character wishes they may detonate their Barrier as a Weapon 4 attack rolling their Biotic skill against a target in same zone as them. The target defends with Athletics or Biotics. This Detonation completely depletes the character’s shield pool (including their regular kinetic shield pool). Their kinetic shields will recharge as normal but the character will not benefit from the Barrier points until a Supplementary Action is spent along with another point of Biotics Stress.

While Barriers are up a Biotic can only use Biotic or Tech powers every other turn.


  • Power Synergy
    Increase biotic power damage and force while Barrier is active. For every point spent from the shield pool increase the damage of a biotic attack (including a biotic punch) by 1 point.
  • Power Recharge
    Biotics may be used every turn while the Barrier is in use.
  • Biotic Sphere
    Create a biotic sphere that surrounds the caster and nearby allies. All allies within a target area benefit from the same pool of points normally added to the biotics shields by the Barrier. This does cost a point of Biotic Stress and the Sphere cannot be moved out of that area. It will remain until another Sphere is created by the same character or until they choose to dissipate it.
  • Nova
    Activating Nova with a Biotics skill roll versus a target’s Athletics causes Weapon 2 damage while fully draining the Barrier Pool. If the stress caused to the target exceeds their Might skill a successful strike also knocks the target down placing a “knocked prone” Aspect on them. This power is the one exception (along with Biotic Punch) to the limitation that biotics may be used every other turn and can be used each turn if the character has any points in his barrier pool.
  • Nova Radius
    Increase the radius of the Nova to affect all targets within the same area as the biotic including allies. The biotic is not affected by their own attack.
  • Nova Power
    Increase the damage and force of the attack to Weapon 4.
  • Nova Recharge/Half Blast
    This allows the biotic to put only half the remaining amount of points from his Barrier pool into the Nova attack. However, it only does half damage. Because there is no cool down penalty for Nova the biotic could use this power in consecutive turns.
  • Piercing Attack
    The Nova Effect has a Penetration of 2 negating two points of armor before damage is applied normally.