Soldiers are pure combat specialists. No one is tougher or more effective at taking down enemies with gunfire. Soldiers have the most thorough weapons training. High-level operatives are outfitted with ocular synaptic processors that allow them to focus on targets with lethal accuracy.

Combat Mastery comprises a series of Stunts that soldiers in the Mass Effect universe often master to survive the high intensity battlefields of the future. These stunts require the character to select a High Concept that relates to them being a highly trained soldier.


For a brief moment it slows down time around the player, giving a small window to line up the perfect head-shot with the sniper rifle or other weapons. This provides a character with a +2 to Alertness checks for the purposes of determining Initiative.

  • Hardened Adrenaline Rush (requires Adrenaline Rush)
    Your endorphins block out pain and trauma in addition to speeding your reaction time. The Soldier may take an additional mild physical consequence.


Ignore 1 point of bulk from weapons or armor. This can be taken twice to gain the both. If your Endurance-Total bulk is positive, get a +1 bonus on athletic rolls to take cover or move through barrier ratings from rough terrain.

  • Advanced armor training
    Ignore an additional +1 bulk from armor. Add your armor bonus to your endurance to resist manuvers and attacks.
  • Assassination
    Gain +1 Damage on weapon attacks when you invoke one or more aspects to add to the attack roll. Requires Combat training.
  • Advanced weapon training
    Ignore 1 point of penalty for Guns attack rolls due to range or other factor.
  • Autofire spray
    When using a weapon with autofire, and using a split attack, gain +1 to the attack value against each target (may not exceed original roll).
  • Focused fire
    When using a weapon with autofire agains a single target, make a 2nd attack roll at -2.
  • Shotgun mastery
    If you hit with a shotgun attack, you may choose to do your base weapon damage, and use your margin of success as a maneuver against your target’s endurance (typically to create knocked back, stunned, or similar aspects).
  • Grenade training
    May attack with grenades using Athletics-bulk, at a range of might-bulk.
  • Fortification
    Gain +2 shields as a supplemental action. This will last for a scene but all Powers (including those from Combat Mastery) can only be used every other turn.


When activated, the user’s weapon fires a single high-powered round that can stun unshielded oppenents for a few seconds. Make a Guns maneuver against a target with a +1 to the attack roll. If successful the target has the “Knocked to the Ground” or “Stunned” Aspect placed on it. The effectiveness of Concussive Shot is greatest against biotic barriers. Reduce any Barriers struck by 4 points. It has no effect on shields.

  • Heavy Concussive Shot (requires Concussive Shot)
    The Concussive Shot does Weapon 2 damage in addition to its other effects. This is increased to weapon 4 for targets that are still under the effects of Cryo Blast or Cryo Ammunition but only Weapon 1 against targets with kinetic shields still up.
  • Concussive Blast (requires Concussive Shot)
    High-energy explosive charges give your shot an impact radius large enough to knock down multiple enemies. This allows the character to target two opponents in the same Zone at the same time.


Marksman increases a character’s accuracy with weapons. For a FATE point the character receives a +2 to hit a target with any firearm.


This ability is only available to Krogan and boosts melee damage, and durability. Spend a FATE point to send the krogan into a frenzy that will last for a scene. The krogan accepts an aspect like Enraged or Frenzied that can be compelled or invoked normally. This provides the enraged krogan with a Weapon 2 damage with their fists (this does NOT stack with the grapple damage provided by the krogan’s strength) and gives them Armor 1 against hand to hand damage.

A player may select an Ammunition Upgrade for a point of Refresh just like any other Stunts. When an Ammo Upgrade is selected it can be applied to any and all weapons in a character’s kit. To switch between different ammo upgrades takes a supplemental action.


A player may select an Ammunition Upgrade for a point of Refresh just like any other Stunts. When an Ammo Upgrade is selected it can be applied to any and all weapons in a character’s kit. To switch between different ammo upgrades takes a supplemental action.

Upgrade buttons apARMOR PIERCING AMMO
This type of ammunition is derived from tungsten. This extremely dense, heavy metal is about 1.7 times heavier than lead, and far more difficult to deform than steel. It is excellent for use in armor-piercing type ammunition. Adds +2 to Armor Penetration but at a cost of -1 to overall Damage.

Ammo cryoCRYO AMMO
When activated, the user’s weapon is empowered and has a chance of freezing enemies without any special defenses for a short time, preventing them from moving. This is a block against Athletics checks to move from an area equal to the weapon’s Damage. Frozen enemies are more susceptible to damage (+1 Penetration against Armor) and can even be shattered for an instant kill.

Ammo disruptorDISRUPTOR AMMO
When activated, the player’s weapon is empowered by an electric field that causes additional damage to shields giving the weapon +1 to damage against them. The ammo also deals +2 increased damage to synthetic enemies like the Geth who have the ELECTROMAGNETIC VULNERABILITY weakness.

Ammo incendiaryINCENDIARY AMMO
When activated, the user’s weapon causes fire damage to enemies, burning through armor (+1 Penetration against it) and setting them on fire. This stops health regeneration, and can cause unprotected organic enemies to panic for a FATE point. Synthetic enemies are resistant to fire damage and get a +1 Armor against it.

Upgrade buttons warp ammoWARP AMMO
Warp Ammo is effective against biotic barriers, armor and organic Targets. It provides a +2 damage against Barriers, +1 Penetration against Armor or +1 Damage against organic unarmored or unshielded targets.