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This power spawns a tech drone that draws enemy fire and can electronically stun targets while damaging their shields. Only one drone per character can be active at a time.


Drones act as Companions as can be found on page 80 of the Bulldogs! book. They receive two advances initially. Each additional Refresh spent on the Drone gives the character two additional advances to spend on the Drone. Once advances are chosen by spending Refresh they are permanent and can only be changed during a Major Milestone.

A base drone has a Quality of Average (+1) adding a +1 to a character’s physical actions including attacking or defending. This can be improved by +1 per advance spent up to one step lower than the character’s Engineer skill. A drone will last for a scene out of combat or for a number of rounds equal to the Shifts generated with a Systems Roll against the probe’s quality in combat. This will cost the character a point of stress on their Systems Stress Track.

Drones don’t have stress boxes; instead, they give the Engineer who summoned them the ability to withstand an additional Mild Consequence— specifically, the consequence that the drone is taken out. The Drone will be unavailable until another action is spent by the character making another Systems Check and checking off another point of Stress on their Systems Stress Track.


    For an additional advancement point the drone’s Quality is increased by one.
    A Drone can be improved to allow them to assist a character with any Mental Skill Rolls in addition to the physical ones. This is essentially the Scope improvement on page 80. Note that Drones cannot aid with Social Skills so no additional advances can be spent on Scope.
    The drone can act independently of its partner, allowing the character to send the drone off to perform tasks. An Advanced VI drone is treated as a minion (B! pg. 78) if it’s caught out on its own (quality in this case indicates its capacity for stress), and isn’t useful for much unless it’s also skilled (see below).
    The drone’s virtual intelligence is improved so it may buy skills of his own. When your character and the drone are together, you can roll the drone’s skill rating instead of your character’s skill rating. If the drone also has the Independent VI advance (above), the drone can use these skills even when it’s not with your character. With one advance you can buy one skill at the drone’s quality, two skills at quality –1, or three skills at quality –2. The Advance VI advance can be bought multiple times, but a different skill or set of skills must be chosen each time.
  • COMBAT DRONE Requires Independent VI
    For an advancement the drone is equipped with better weapons giving it a Weapon 2 attack. An additional point increases the attack by two up to +4.
  • FLAME THROWER Requires The Combat Drone Upgrade
    For an additional advancement point the drone is equipped with a flame thrower that allows any successful attack to apply the “On Fire!” aspect to a target. Once you’ve applied the aspect to a target, it lasts until the end of your next turn; you or one of your allies can tag the aspect once for free.
  • MISSILE LAUNCHER Requires The Combat Drone Upgrade
    For an additional point of Refresh the drone is equipped with a missile launcher. At the character’s discretion it can cause damage to a whole zone.