Small banner biotics

Toss your enemy through the air with this biotic blast.


Make a Biotic Skill roll against a target’s Athletics or Might up to three zones away. Success places an Aspect such as “Knocked Prone” on the target and does Weapon 1 damage. Note that targets with functioning kinetic shields or Barriers only suffer the damage from the attack but are immune to the maneuver until their shields are down. If the shields are brought down by the damage of the Throw attack of that turn apply the throw normally.

To throw something one zone requires the maneuver to generate a number of shifts equal to 1 plus the weight factor of the target (a normal person (human, asari, quarian etc.) has a weight factor of 2, a volus has a weight factor of 1, a Krogan is 3). Each additional zone costs as much as the previous zone did plus one, so the cost increases dramatically over distance. If a target is suspended by another power such as Pull or Singularity then reduce their weight factor to 0.


  • Double Throw
    Make a single attack roll with the Biotics skill that two targets in the same zone must resist with their normal defenses.
  • Increased Force
    The Biotic gets a +2 shifts for determining knock back.
  • Increased Damage
    The Throw does Weapon 3 damage.
  • Increased Detonation
    Increase the stress caused biotic detonations by two to Weapon 4. This damage is not cumulative with other Increased Detonation powers.