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Utilizing the energy from their armor’s shields allows a character to bend light around them making them functionally invisible. This can be a great asset in combat allowing for ambush and infiltration but at the cost of leaving the character vulnerable once the cloak is dropped.


As a supplementary action you can deplete your shield’s charge in order to become effectively invisible, granting you a +4 bonus to Stealth checks—if the GM even rules that you need to make them—and causing enemies to suffer a –2 penalty to any melee attack rolls against you and -4 to any ranged weapon attacks. This effect lasts for the rest of the scene out of combat or for a number of rounds equal to the Shifts generated by a Systems skill roll in combat with a minimum of 1 round. Or until the cloaked character makes an attack of any kind or uses any Biotic or Tech Talents. Kinetic Shields offer no protection while a Tactical Cloak is up and must be recharged by taking cover after the cloak ends as normal for shields.

If an attack is made from ambush and the cloaked character is undetected then they need only deal with an opposing roll of Mediocre (+0) for defense for an unshielded opponent which will likely generate a lot of damage. Kinetic Shields will provide their normal protection however.


    Spend an additional point of Refresh to allow a single use of a Tech Talent without compromising the cloak.
    You are a master of the hidden strike, gaining a huge bonus to damage if you attack while cloaked. For each additional point of Refresh the cloaked character receives a bonus of +2 damage with a type of attack on an unaware enemy with a single weapon type (Unarmed, Melee, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Pistols or Shotgun). For each additional point of Refresh another weapon type can be included.